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Current Openings

Intern Position 2024-25 school year (September - May) Must apply by April 1, 2024.

For specific details, please contact the school at or 304-869-3250.

Position Description: Interns participate as members of The Highland School’s democratic community. Interns must support the school’s democratic process and be capable of functioning in the democratic community. They should be respectful of students’ activities and function as resources to enable students to explore their interests as needed. Interns should act as responsible members of the school community on a consistent basis.

Qualifications: Interns need to be interested in learning about democratic education. They also should enjoy working with children. An outgoing, open-minded person with a variety of academic and extracurricular interests is preferred.

However, respecting and valuing each student’s unique interests and being willing to learn along with students is critical. A cleared background check including no offenses against children must be supplied prior to the first day of employment. Must have driver's license and clean driving record.

Conditions of Employment: Interns are hired and fired at the pleasure of the General School Meeting. Interns must abide by the Constitution and school rules. Unless there is an emergency (sickness or death in the immediate family), all personal leave must be prearranged with the General School Meeting. Room and board ($250 per month) are provided in the school dormitory. The Highland School does not provide health insurance for interns.

No H1B1 work visas available for staff or intern positions.

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