During our admissions process, parents can make arrangements for how to pay their tuition bill: either by written check, bank transfer or online credit (if credit, an additional 3% will be charged).


The fees listed below are for the current school year only. All tuition, Room & Board, and additional fees are subject to change until a contract is signed.


Newly enrolled students get a trial period of 30 days. The student may withdraw at any time during the trial period without financial obligation beyond the current month. After the trial period is over, students and parents must financially commit to the rest of the school year.





$2,475.00 per year for first child ($275.00/month) 

$1,800.00 per year for second child from same family ($200.00/month)

$1,575.00 per year for third or more from same family ($175.00/month)



$33,725.00 per year includes room, board, tuition, activities & transportation fee.*


$17,225.00 first semester and $16,500.00 second semester.


*Transportation fee charged includes airport trips at the beginning and end of each semester. Additional trips cost $150.00 each direction.


Tuition Due Dates



Returning students: 10% of next school year due.

Payment for First Semester Tuition is due. 

Payment for Second Semester is due December 1st.

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The Highland School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

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