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Dorm Life

Dorm life at The Highland School is a unique opportunity to live democratically with others all the time.  The experience encompasses many of the tasks, needs, and decisions typically handled at home.  Purchasing food, cooking, organizing spaces, solving interpersonal problems, and budgeting are responsibilities of dorm students and staff. ​Dorm residents choose and make meals in our large modern kitchen. School members decide how the monthly food budget is allocated, plan shopping trips, and decide on roommates. Living in the dorm means full immersion in the democratic process.

International Boarding Benefits

Boarding students are involved in a 24/7 democratic experience. Learning to be responsible for themselves develops a sense of independence, confidence, and personal resourcefulness. Decisions are made democratically, including creating the rules governing the dorm and organizing cleaning responsibilities.  Depending on individual interests, dorm members participate in social, cultural, and educational activities in the surrounding towns and cities.

International Student Body

Dorm members come from all over the world. The sharing of languages, foods, and traditions lends diversity to our school community. Long term friendships often develop cross culturally as school members live their lives together. The Highland School is authorized under United States Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant students.

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