Welcome to The Highland School

We are a Sudbury democratic boarding and day school in West Virginia since 1981.  

At Highland:

  • Individual rights and freedoms are protected.

  • Children develop into responsible adults through living in a democracy.

  • Children pursue their own interests through self-directed learning.



Open House Saturday, 1-4pm


Spring Vacation No School


Last Day of School

98 Sycamore Springs Lane

Ellenboro, WV 26346




Building Blocks of Democratic Education:

#5 Individual Rights

This series of Building Blocks of Democratic Education began with time and trust, continued with democratic process and equality, and ends with individual rights.  Each of the building blocks is important in creating a democratic school – a place where children can grow into independent, responsible adults.  While the first four blocks are essential, the fifth must be cherished or the school will not provide a free and fulfilling democratic environment.

We are protective of individual rights in our judicial system, in our General School Meeting (GSM), and in our daily lives.  We believe that each individual child is unique and possesses the innate ability to reach out and interact. We also recognize that children’s differences in viewpoints and interests are valuable to our democratic society. Read More

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The Highland School admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin

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